Imagine a life without technology, cell phones, advertisement on big screens on the street. Can’t you, right? We’ve become dependent on modern technology, and this is actually a good thing. We’ve somehow managed to elevate our evolutionary progress to a whole new level by introducing all sorts of devices and gadgets in our everyday life. Technology makes life safer and easier. But how exactly has technology contributed to having a safer life?

Fire-resistant rating Increased

Over the years as technology progressed, we’ve come up with new ways to make everyday life safer and avoid an accident. New home systems that increase fire rating, or the time that fire protection system endures under fire test, is only the beginning. Scientists are working on finding new ways to not only stop a fire from spreading in closed rooms but also to stop it from happening in the first place.

Multi-Purpose Fire Protection

This brand new, groundbreaking fire protection system has surpassed expectation, to say the least. Every type of fire extinguisher known before was intended for indoor use only. Now we have a whole new approach on fire protection system that allows an instant and highly efficient method of stopping the fire from spreading. The fire department is already using modified versions of this fire extinguisher ball, filled with eco-friendly chemicals that can instantaneously stop the fire from spreading. In future, we may see fireman without standard hoses pouring water on buildings, but with these fire-extinguishing balls as their standard equipment.

Regarding improving the safety of our lives, technology has contributed countless inventions so far, and we hope so see much more in the future.

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