Our Biggest Project in Nebraska.

Our Biggest Project in Nebraska.

Loosing something, anything that was long enough in our life to be remembered and to bear any emotional mark for its holder is hard. And we understand the process through which people are going when they lose their home or belongings in a terrible disaster. This is why our services are performed by professionals who are quick and efficient at resolving the situation. Here are some of our projects that made noticeable changes in lives of people affected by disasters.

Colorado Springs Project.

This terrible tire disaster left thousands of animals wounded and killed. The park itself has damaged to the point that everybody thought it’s gone for good. Luckily we were able to rebuild it starting from scratch. Probably our biggest contribution to any park where we managed to undo the damage in only two days. The importance of this project is great not only to us, but to park and camp founders in the wilderness.

Massachusetts Fire Restoration.

When trouble strikes, it leaves organized people in chaos and everything that was once priority loses importance due to self-preservation. This is exactly what happened in Massachusetts in 2006, where they could minimize the damage they had only one thing in mind. After all, this is what is most important, without people to build there would be nothing to rebuild after the disaster strikes. Not only that the park was damaged but everything in a radius of 100 meters around it. This is when our services count the most. We focus on saving lives first and then when the situation is safe, to limit the damage that fire can do to structures. Countless animals lost their home that day, but with our efforts and people around us, we were able to stop the fire, plan new seeds and wait for the forest to regenerate.

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